Island Perspective

What a strange year 2020 was, and it seems, the strangeness will continue into 2021!  At least with a vaccine available, there appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel.  We closed the B&B down at the end of November, and are looking forward to entertaining guests once again in March, however, to be cautious, we have kept one room closed entirely until such time we feel we can safely operate two rooms simultaneously.  

in the meantime, we are taking this time to enjoy the quietness the island has to offer, and look forward to serving you again soon!



Summer has arrived.  And early too.  The weather here has been pretty amazing this month, with temperatures that one would normally see in August.   Drought-worry aside, it’s shaping up to be an extraordinary summer here on the Rock.


The lake is warm and both rooms here at The Carriage House offer beach towels for either a swim in the lake or a dip in the hot tub.    The hot tub in our Garden Room is such a hit, we added another for The Loft so that each guest has access to their own lounging area and their own private tub.  


Breakfast continues to be the focus here, and supporting local goes hand in hand with our fare.  Local strawberries from Golden Apple Farm get nestled in beside our homemade scones, or still-warm shortcake.   Locally sourced eggs get coddled and served with Sue’s home-baked whole-wheat sourdough seed bread, and Chris’ home-cured smoked bacon.  It’s all about making our guests happy!


Have dietary concerns?  We are always happy to try to accommodate those whose lifestyle choices or health issues limit their breakfast options.  Chocolate-oat bars, apple-berry crumbles, GF blueberry muffins, or Vegan banana muffins fit the bill.


Although we love our guests to feel so comfy here that they don’t want to leave, we DO encourage them to venture out and discover what Salt Spring has to offer.


At the height of the season, this little island is rockin’ with just about any type of entertainment one can think of.  From local music at The Tree House, to special guests rounded up for the Pitchfork Social, there’s sounds for every taste.  


Up for an adventure?  Rent a kayak, sailboard, bike or scooter and get out there.  Unsure what to do?  Charter a fishing boat, join a sightseeing tour, or check out the Tuesday or Saturday markets.


Things are happening here.  We hope that whatever it is you end up doing, you’ll have a blast doing it.




Sue & Chris


As the end of May approaches, there is definitely a trend developing here: Salt Spring is already busy and it doesn't look like there will be any gaps now until the Fall. Town is noticeably "full" Friday afternoons, the market is in full swing, and the B&B's are filling up fast. Nice to see, being that there is SO much to do. May saw the usual suspect of events: Round Salt Spring race, Ruckle Park Farm Heritage Days, the Painters' Guild Annual show, the big soccer tourney, and of course the start of the Tuesday Farmer's market.

And to keep everyone interested and active, June's schedule boasts the start of Artcraft at Mahon Hall running through until September, and Salt Spring's annual Sea Capers weekend. Of course the Saturday and Tuesday markets will run right through until October. Lots for everyone of different ages and different interests!

The weather for the most part, has been grand, and it has brought the crowds early. Everyone in the service sector is ready to welcome our visitors, with the restaurants gearing up their staff and fine tuning their menus; there's so much choice! The tourist info centre is well manned. Anyone needing steering in the right direction, I recommend they drop in for a chat with the helpful volunteers there so that you can make the most of the time you have here as fun-filled as possible. Everything from accommodation to food, studios to visit, or how to read the bus schedule.

Ask a local for help; most people welcome a chat, and you might learn something about Salt Spring that will surprise you!

For our part, The B&B is almost totally booked for August, there's a bit of wiggle room in July, and still some nice choices for June available. I have been baking my own bread using wild yeast as a leavener and it's been heavenly. I am leaving a loaf for my guests on arrival, as a welcome. It seems a natural with all the lovely wines and cheeses that our guests pick up on their rounds of the island!

Welcome to the island. Kick back, relax, refresh, and revel in a different mindset.



April 8, 2016

Have you ever wondered how people get the most of their visits when they run away for a weekend (or a REAL 2-week vacation) to a place they have never been? I think a bit of homework helps to get a "feel" for a place, but sometimes, just a "winging-it" attitudes works just fine. But either way, you have to be UP for it and totally IN to it as well. Hey, nobody knows you, so maybe this can be the time to slip out of your comfort zone. Not all get-away retreats are amenable to that, but for sure, Salt Spring is definitely one where you can flex your "all-you-wanted-to-be-but-were-afraid-to-try" muscles.

This is a place that has it all. Trails, cycling, beaches to stroll, kayaking, solitude. There's any amount of food for the soul, be it Reiki massage, hot stone or aromatherapy, yoga, Tai Chi (honestly, that's just the TIP of the ice-berg). There's art galleries in ALL their wonderful diversity, wineries, cideries, cheeseries, bakeries, and all the other "eries" out there. Get up early, and walk while there is nothing but the dew and the geese honking as they head out to the lake. Sleep in on luxury sheets in (almost) total silence....well, maybe except for the eagles and Ravens out getting a start in their day. Paradise DOES have its hardships..:). So many birds!! Don't get me started!

Salt Spring is more than the Saturday Market. Talk to people. Just about anyone will start a conversation with you if you dare to make eye contact, smile, or show the slightest interest. We are a small community after all. We like to chat, and interact. That's part of the charm. If you don't converse with the locals, you miss a great chance at tuning in to what we are all about, and perhaps making a connection that will spill over those one or two days you spend here, and become a life-long link to a whole other life-style. Magical things happen when you open your heart and mind and embrace fully where you are, even if it's a short visit. It can make the difference of a couple nights away from the hustle and bustle, to a desire to leading a double life, hoarding your little island secret to yourself, and planning the next big withdrawal from the city for a little slice of whatever it is that the island has given you.

Each person finds his or her own charms here. Come visit, but open your soul. You will take away so much more!